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Athletics Weekly, Week of September 20

09/20/2021, 12:00pm PDT
By Mike Nolan, AD

                                                                                                                                  Athletics Update

“Never give up! Failure and rejection are only the first step to succeeding.” -Jim Valvano

Greetings Sports Fans! We are entering the throngs of league competition for most of our athletic programming. Both the Men’s and Women’s Soccer programs finish off their tough pre-season schedule with their last two non-conference opponents this week. Our Volleyball Program is in the throws of league play battling it out. The Varsity Program had a good showing at the Canby Tournament over the weekend. The JV Team hosted their first tournament of the year with some really good competition coming from all over to participate. The JV squad ended up winning their bracket. Our Cross-Country Program traveled down to Lane CC over the weekend and had a great weekend. The JV and Varsity Men and Women’s Teams all finished 2nd. Our Football Team had a tough one Friday with our visitors from Jefferson. Both teams struggled a bit to get any momentum going and unfortunately, the injury bug has bitten the program as well. We wish all those who are banged up a speedy recovery.

Sportsmanship- Our Football Program was recognized by the OSAA for outstanding sportsmanship. We were awarded 100 points towards the OSAA Cup. A huge thanks to our coaches and student-athletes for embodying great sportsmanship!

PCA-Sports Can Battle Racism- Our partners at the Positive Coaching Alliance are always looking for ways to increase awareness around so many important issues and we are pleased to announce a new course that all of our coaches will be participating in titled Sports Can Battle Racism. Below are some great resources surrounding social justice in athletics.

Student Athletic Trainers- We would like to take the time to recognize the outstanding program that our very own Aaron Olsen and Waverly Jackson have brought on board to Ida B. Wells High School. They are providing a class and real-world application to our students who are interested in Athletic Training and providing care. Below are some pics from the group. Thank you, Coach Olsen and Waverly, for providing such an outstanding experience!

The Week Ahead- Our Football Program has a big week ahead with the JV Team traveling to both Jefferson and Westview this week. The Varsity hosts McDaniel on Friday. Both the Men’s and Women’s Soccer Programs finish off pre-season play this week with the Men’s Program facing Westview on Monday and Southridge on Thursday. Our Women’s Program has two home contests this week with Beaverton on Monday and Sunset on Thursday. The Volleyball Program will host McDaniel on Monday and travel to Cleveland on Thursday. The Varsity will be participating in the Westview Tournament on Saturday.

Pack the Park- This is a big week for our Cross-Country Program as we host our only home meet this Wednesday at Gabriel Park. It is our Pack the Park event where we hope to see our entire community there cheering on our runners!

8th Annual PIL Open Golf Tournament- On Wednesday, September 29th, the PIL will be hosting its annual Golf Tournament to raise funds for PIL Athletics to help support communities around our district. This year it will be held at Pumpkin Ridge. For more information and registration, please visit

IBW Booster Club- The athletics department would like to send a huge thank you to our Booster Club for all the great work they do providing for our school and community. If you would like to volunteer or become a member, please visit their website

Ida B. Wells Athletic Sponsorship- If you are interested or know of anyone who is interested in becoming an Ida B. Wells Athletics Sponsor, please email me at for more information. We like to promote all things local in our community. If you would like to make a donation to help support Ida B. Wells Athletics, please visit the following site-

Ida B. Wells Dance- You can still join the IBW Dance and Drill team! Email Coach Kimberley at if you would like to set up a time to observe a practice and learn what the dance team is all about. We practice three days a week and will be performing at various school events. 

NFHS and Pixelot- Great news on our streaming services. The system in our stadium is up and running. Please visit www.nfhsnetwork .com for login instructions.

Guardians of the Week
Bella Phillips Sr. Cheer-Bella is a senior on our white squad. She’s been in cheer her entire high school career and I’ve enjoyed coaching her for the last three. She has a candid sense of humor that makes cheer even more fun for her teen mates and keeps the coaches laughing.  Bella is the first one to encourage her teammates when they are struggling and it’s always thinking of new team bonding activities.  She’s a deeply talented athlete and a fantastic performer.
Avery Dorfman So. Cheer -Avery is in her second year in our cheer program and is currently on the green squad. Her positive attitude is infectious and she always has a smile on her face. She consistently works hard and helps motivate her teammates to do the same. Avery is a dynamic performer and you might have noticed her doing aerials on the sidelines on Friday.
Davis Dufort Sr. Football- We weren't sure if Davis would be available for our game Friday night until earlier that day.  Boy are we sure glad that he was.  Davis carried the ball effectively for 1st downs throughout the game.  Davis' long bomb TD catch was an amazing thing to watch.  The speed to get open and pull away from the defenders as he sprinted to the endzone is something we see every day in practice.  His length and speed had the Jefferson DBs on notice as they would point out wherever Davis was lining up to make sure they knew where he was.  Davis' energy and attitude are infectious to our team as he brings those qualities every day to practice and games.  He is a true leader and our other players often follow his example.  What I loved best about Davis' performance on Friday night is the growth in his blocking.  He absolutely caved in his side all night long leading to many long gains for our ball carriers.  Davis has turned into a complete football player which is a testament to his hard work, dedication and positive attitude.  Great job Davis!  LETS GOOOOOO!!!!! 
Henry Nias Sr. Football- Henry is the type of player that we hope all others can emulate to make our team a success.  Henry shows up every day to practice.  Henry is extremely coachable.  Henry dominates every drill he is in...and if he doesn't one play, he jumps up and says, "Let me try that again!"  He wins every 1 on 1 matchup that he is placed in, not because he is more talented, but because he has the desire to.  Through all of this, you never hear Henry brag about his exploits.  The only thing you ever hear from Henry is encouragement towards others.  As usual on Friday night, Henry was a man among boys.  Our opponent had no answer for him and we were able to run to his side consistently without fail.  Henry, thank you for showing everyone on our team what it means to be a football player.  Thank you for blazing the trail for others and for being the player that all others who come after you will strive to be.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication.  Most importantly, thank you for leading by example to make all of us, including your coaches better human beings!

Coaches Corner- We like to highlight coaches in our program and this week we are highlighting our Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Josh Richards.

Where are you from? Where did you grow up?I'm from just outside Boston, MA. 

Tell us a little about your family? Do you have any cool traditions?
My parents live in Boston, as does my younger sister, Abbie.  My father is a software engineer turned yoga instructor, and my mother is a journalist.  My sister is actually a fairly big influencer on Tik Tok, who makes educational videos to help fight misinformation. 
How long have you been coaching and where have your stops been?
I have been coaching for seven years now.  This is my third year at IBW, and before that I was at Glencoe HS in Hillsboro for four years.  I've also coached at the club level for a number of clubs. 

What do you enjoy the most about coaching?
I love so much about coaching, but the most special part for me is being able to be a consistent presence in young people's lives.  To be able to coach the same kids year after year, and watch them grow up - it wasn't why I got into coaching, but it is what made me realize how important it would be in my life.  

Do you have any game day superstitions or rituals?
 I am not a superstitious person, so no I don't really have any "rituals."  However, I have learned over the years that I need a couple hours to settle down after a game.  My girlfriend has learned well that when I come home from a game, win or lose, there is no hope of me being able to talk about anything else for at least an hour or two - likely not until I have been able to go back and watch the film...

What lessons can you draw from playing soccer?
There are so many lessons to be drawn from soccer, it's hard to know just what to pick.  I think what is so special about soccer is that even in a technical, athletic, physical sport, eleven individuals can come together to accomplish so much more than anyone could on their own.  Soccer isn't a sport where you can just turn to one person and ask them to carry the team - it has to be everyone working together.  It is so hard to do - eleven players working in sync - but when it happens, it can be incredibly special.  In the end soccer is a sport where your mentality and mindset matter more than anything else - something so true about life. 

Any one particular moment in your coaching or playing career that stands out?
There is one moment in particular that stands out in my coaching career, but it was not a positive moment for me at the time.  It was the first round of state playoffs in my last year at Glencoe, with a really strong team with 13 seniors that aspired to go all the way to battle Jesuit for a state title.  The game did not go as planned, and I let my frustration build and escalate.  At one point late in the second half in a 1-1 game, I overreacted to the referee, and received a red card.  I had to leave the game, and we would go on to lose 2-1, crash out of the tournament and end a special run with a special group of kids.  This was a shameful and painful moment for me, but also one that taught me more than any of my positive moments ever have.  It taught me about myself and the things I needed to work on and improve.  It also taught me about the dangers of wanting something too bad, and setting expectations for results too high.  That one moment had more influence on who I am today as a coach than anything else. There are of course still times I make mistakes in my coaching, and where the side of me that came out in that game comes out - everyone has to continually work on pieces of themselves - but that was a real pivotal point in my coaching career and the lens through which I look at what I do. 
Is there still time to come out for the soccer program?
Unfortunately, no, as a sport where we have to cap the numbers on our teams, there is no longer time to come out for soccer for the fall season.  However, once the fall season is over, we will have winter and spring trainings which anyone will be welcome to attend. 
Sunday Tid Bits
“The past isn't predic­tive. If you can absorb and embrace that belief, everything changes. You'll instantly feel more calm. And the athlete-or employee or parent or spouse-who's more calm is also more aware, and more times than not ... will win.”
― Trevor Moawad, It Takes What It Takes: How to Think Neutrally and Gain Control of Your Life

I. Moving Beyond the Surface

It takes curiosity to learn. It takes courage to unlearn.

  • Learning requires the humility to admit what you don't know today.
  • Unlearning requires the integrity to admit that you were wrong yesterday.
  • Learning is how you evolve. Unlearning is how you keep up as the world evolves.

Source: Adam Grant, Organizational Psychologist & Bestselling Author

II. Life Is a Series of Trade-Offs

The way we live out our days is the way we will live our lives. What are we willing to trade-off to achieve our goals?

  • Being busy for protecting time.
  • Parties for intimate gatherings.
  • Soul extortion for soul searching.
  • Nights out for knowledge seeking.
  • Meaningless work for my passion.
  • Living for others for living my life.
  • Chasing money for chasing purpose.

III. It Takes What It Takes

We remember the life, incredible impact, and legacy of renowned mental conditioning coach Trevor Moawad. May his game-changing wisdom live on by how we lead and love.

  • Negativity affects you negatively 100% of the time.
  • Champions lead themselves before they lead others.
  • The first step to getting out of the hole is to stop digging.
  • Too many people say 'I am what I am.' That is a statement of surrender.
  • Average is a choice. Greatness is a choice. There is no magic. Only decisions.

Source: Trevor Moawad, Limitless Minds

IV. What We’re Happy To Share


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V. Question

What are you learning about being vulnerable?

VI. This Week I Will

  1. Be kind.
  2. Smile each day.
  3. Choose greatness.
  4. Protect my energy.
  5. Cultivate the courage to unlearn.

The Last Words…

“Today, you could be standing next to someone who is really trying their best not to fall apart. So whatever you do today, do it with kindness in your heart.”

― Anonymous

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