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Ida B. Wells Athletics Update

06/08/2021, 9:15am PDT
By Mike Nolan, Athletic Director

Greetings Sports Fans!
We took a break from publishing a weekly update this past weekend due to the fact that it was a holiday weekend and our family was in Bend for our son’s baseball tournament as well. I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and to those who have family who have served or are serving in our Armed Forces, thank you for all you do.

To say that we have not been busy the past couple of weeks would be an understatement. We had a great signing day ceremony for our seniors. We had a somewhat normal evening of basketball when we hosted Lincoln for the Battle of the Birds contest. Our seniors had their official last day of school and we announced our Male and Female Scholar, Sportsmanship, and Athletes of the Year. What a ride!

Senior Awards
It is with great pleasure to announce the following seniors and their awards. They are a very deserving group of student-athletes who have had a tremendous impact on our school and community.

Scholar Athletes of the Year
Emma Leland  -From the Ida B. Wells Coaching Staff
-Emma Leland is a force of nature!  In a world that is filled with fake news, altered realities, and misleading information, Emma is a breath of fresh air because she is 100% authentic!  What you see is what you get... In addition, what you get is a kind, intelligent, and hilariously funny individual.  In addition, Emma is hands down the greatest teammate I have seen in years.  She wants everyone on the team to feel welcomed and part of something special. Emma optimizes TEAM and leadership. She deeply cares about all her teammates and is a relentless supporter. Her teammates adore her and constantly look to her for leadership and guidance.  

Jack White - From the Ida B. Wells Coaching Staff- Jack White was a four-year letter winner and always displayed positive leadership on and off the field.  He is a gritty player that ALWAYS worked hard out there, but what I appreciated the most about Jack White was his ability to be passionate about soccer while still maintaining a realistic overall perspective of a healthy sports/life balance!  Jack was extremely inspirational to me and the other soccer coaches at IBWHS!  We are going to miss him!!! Amazingly polite young man.  I was fortunate enough to have Jack for three years in my classroom and he a good athlete and an outstanding student.  It should also be mention that Jack played three (different) Varsity sports for Ida B Wells HS.  That is becoming a rarity. Jack played football and soccer this past season.  He was a captain for the soccer team and still managed to find the time to handle kicking duties for our football team.  Jack was able to place all his kickoffs exactly where they needed to be.  He had the leg strength to put the ball in the end zone to pin our opponent back.  Jack was also perfect on all of his extra point attempts.  Jack is a tremendous athlete, tremendous student and a true leader for our school, community and our students.  Jack's leadership is what truly sets him apart.  Great job Jack!!

Paul McCall Sportsmanship Award Winners
Makena Moragne - From the Ida B. Wells Coaching Staff-
In my humble opinion Mak is a very unique individual.  Not only is she a take-charge young woman, able to adapt to adverse and challenging situations, but also someone who is willing to lend her time and energy to others.  It has been my experience that Mak has a unique quality not found in the “typical teen”, which is an eagerness and/or a willingness to do the extra work necessary to make the world/environment better for those around her.  She also has a distinct ability to build productive relationships.  She is an excellent communicator and is able to express her thoughts and opinions in a respectful manner.  Her ability to lead others surpasses the average high school student. However, not one of the loudest players, Makena was always one of the hardest working. She is a tremendous athlete - in terms of pure speed, there was nothing quite like watching Makena when she got into a full sprint.  She was also the model of a good teammate; she was one of the first to practice and last to leave, and willing to take on whatever role was needed for the team.  Wherever the team was at - up or down - Makena always kept working - no matter the situation, she found ways to make the team better.  She will be hugely missed! Makenna is a relentless competitor. She is fearless when it comes to performing on the biggest stage and in the biggest moments. She has a great calming effect on her teammates.

Trae Avant From the Ida B. Wells Coaching Staff-Trae is the epitome of what a great teammate is all about. He constantly proved time and time again what commitment and dedication to the sport was all about. His smile and demeanor were infectious with his teammates whether out on the track or inside the gym. His teammates respected his ability to fire them all up and do it in a way that was kind and supportive. A true example of what sportsmanship really embodies and entails. He will be missed greatly!

Female Athlete of the Year
Melea Triplett From the Ida B. Wells Coaching Staff-
Melea Triplett has been an honor to coach this last year. We only wish we had had more time with her. Her laughter lead our team this year. Melea is the most positive player I have ever coached. We all know she is going to go on to do amazing things! Melea is a terrific teammate. She is calming and affirming. Her teammates greatly appreciate her confidence and consistency. Melea goes out of her way in her calm demeanor to lift all of her teammates. Her positivity and passion for the game was not necessarily seen at all times but it was felt. She is an outstanding person who genuinely cared for all of her teammates. She has been a valuable contributor to every sport she has been in involved with, whether it was basketball, cross country, or softball, she made a huge difference for her team! Malea will be participating in the 2021 Senior Softball All-Star Game.

Male Athlete of the Year
Jayden Brannan From the Ida B. Wells Coaching Staff-
Jayden Brannan is the man!  Like all of us, we have been in awe of him as an athlete tearing up our fields, track, and courts of Ida B Wells.  However, more importantly, I have enjoyed watching him grow as a young man.  His future is so bright! Jayden had an exceptional year playing football.  He averaged over 10 yards per carry, 21 yards per reception and 2 touchdowns per game.  Had we played a full season he would have amassed over 1,800 yards and 20 touchdowns!!  Because of Jayden's exploits, he has been selected to participate in the Les Schwab Bowl, Oregon's High School All-Star Football Game on July 3rd.  Jayden will be suiting up this fall to play football at Portland State University for our hometown Vikings!  Jayden also ran on the State Champion winning 4x100 Track and Field Team as well as playing as a starter on the Ida B Wells Basketball Team.  The best part of coaching Jayden was the fun and enjoyment he showed while playing every sport!  His smile and attitude are infectious.  It was our honor to have him be a part of our team!  Jayden is a fantastic teammate and leader. He has a great work ethic and truly loves his teammates and the sports he competes in. His passion for his team is infectious. He is a joy to work with. Jaden’s ability as an athlete does not define him as a person though. I have been Jaden’s basketball coach for the last four years and am more impacted by him as a person than an athlete. When I think of Jayden, it seldom involves anything having to do with sports. I think of his warm smile. I think of his humility. I think of his sense of humor. Most of all, I think of his loyalty. How many high profile HS athletes remain committed to their friends and community this day and age? I believe that alone tells you what type of young man Jaden Brannan is. Congratulations Jay! We are all so proud of you. Go Vikings!

Ida B. Wells Coaches of the Year

Coach of the Year Head Baseball Coach-Jeremy Shetler- Coach Shetler is a constant professional who has taken the past year in stride when they lost their season last year and was able to stay connected with his program even though they were not able to get together in person until the start of Season 1. When he was able to reconnect with his program, his impact was immediately felt within the program all the way down to the youth kids in his program. His energy and passion for the program was seen and heard when players started pouring back into the cages and players seen starting to get their arms back in shape playing long toss in the stadium. That enthusiasm carried into their season where they finished with a 12-6 final record with a signature win over the Jesuit Crusaders during the culminating week. Maybe most importantly, was the way he created a fun, inclusive, and competitive season for his senior class. Finally, Jeremy is the embodiment of what a team player is all about. He will go out of his way to support all of Ida B. Wells in any way that he can. He is very deserving of this award this year and we are lucky to have him as a part of our coaching staff. From one of his colleagues, “No one I know cares more about the short/long term well-being of Ida B Wells High School like Coach Shetler. He does not shy away from all the difficult work necessary to build a top-notch athletic program. He cares about every young person in his program (grades 3-12) and wants to provide them with the best experience possible. Coach literally bleeds green”

Assistant Coach of the Year
Izzy Relampagos-Assistant Track Coach-
From my very first day at Wilson High School twenty years ago, Coach Izzy made an impact on me when I heard him from the back of the cafeteria at our faculty back to school meeting. His voice still resonates with me and the impression he made has lasted. I also had the pleasure of having his son as one my students in my US History Class as well. Izzy is a true professional who absolutely cares about our school, community, and every single one of the student-athletes he has had the opportunity to coach. His colleagues has this to say about him, “A man with over 50 years of coaching and teaching experience. Coach Relampagos has impacted thousands of young people's lives. He is a mentor, friend and the consummate pro! Wish they made more like him. “Coach Relampagos was one of my first football coaches at Wilson, and to this day I still remember how his witty delivery of classic one-liners made playing for him a memorable experience. He was also on the coaching staff for my first year as a high school football coach. He treated me with respect and was always welcoming when I had any questions. He has been a positive influence on my entire career as a Trojan... a span of more than 30 years. Congrats Coach”                                                                                        2021 Les Schwab Bowl
It is with great pleasure to announce that Jayden Brannan will be playing in the 2021 Les Schwab Bowl at Linfield. You can find the complete roster at the following web address.

2021 Senior Softball All-Star Game
It is with great pleasure to announce that Melea Triplett and Lexi Krake will be playing in the 2021 Softball All-Star Game on June 17th at Hillsboro Stadium. First game starts at 5pm.


Season 4 hits & Student-Athletes of the Week


Women’s Basketball-Eliza Di Giulio is the student-athlete of the week for girls basketball. She averaged 20 points per game and 11 boards per game helping her team to a 4-0 conference start. The team is 5-1 overall and getting better every time they take the floor and Eliza is a huge part of that success. The program has some pretty big tough games in the weeks ahead with perennial powers of Benson, Mountainside, and Beaverton in the coming weeks and hopes to build upon the success of the season so far in those contests. Those contests will be great gauges as we prepare for the seasons ahead as well. The group has a ton of potential and the future is extremely bright for the program. Getting and staying healthy will also be key for the program as well.


Men’s Basketball-The Ida B, Wells Men’s basketball team ended the week with a home loss to Roosevelt, 75-65. The loss ended a two game winning streak for the Guardians whose record now stands at 4-5 on the season (4-3 in league). The schedule has been tough. Our losses have come at the hands of Jefferson, Wilsonville, Grant, Beaverton and Roosevelt. The combined record of those teams is 35-4! Three of the four losses have been to each other (Jeff beat both Grant & Roosevelt, Grant defeated Roosevelt). Beaverton lost to Jesuit for the fourth loss. Pretty tough sledding, but we believe that battling it out with those teams will make us better. Wells is competing at a higher level this year with the addition of two talented freshmen, Nick DiGiulio (11.0 ppg) and Jacey Canalin (7.1 ppg). Both are highly skilled and have played major roles for us so far. Sophomore, Jonah Jones (10.1 ppg), is emerging as one of the top young players in the PIL. Jonah is an excellent rebounder, ranking high among state rebounding leaders. Jonah averaged 10 points and 11.5 rebounds last week earning him the Ida B. Wells Athlete of the Week award. Congratulations Jonah! The Guardians return a talented core of veteran players that have meshed very well with the young guys. Junior Leo Sewell (10.9 ppg) along with seniors Logan Robertson (11.4 ppg). Jayden Brannan (5.3 ppg) and Lucas Lommen (3.3 ppg) have provided the experience and leadership necessary for our team to succeed. They have accepted the young players without reservation. Their maturity and willingness to put the team first has created a chemistry that is very enjoyable to be a part of. I am so thankful that we were able to play this season and allow Logan, Jayden and Lucas to end their high school basketball careers on a positive note.



Wells Wrestlers showed continued improvement during their competition last Thursday at Jefferson HS against Jefferson HS and McDaniel HS wrestlers. Junior team leader George Ramsey continued his breakout season with dominant pins at two different weight classes.  George is a multi-sport athlete at Ida B Wells HS. George is especially supportive of the younger wrestlers, and his positivity raises the overall morale on his Wells Wrestling team.


Nuggets for the Week-

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

― Joseph Campbell, Mythologist, Writer & Lecturer

I. To Lead by Serving

Those we lead are always reassessing and inquiring about these three questions:

  1. Do you care about me?
  2. Can you help me?
  3. Can I trust you?

The last thing we are is just a coach or leader. Our work is about changing and transforming lives. We are in the business of unleashing the vast potential of those we lead, mentor, love, and coach.

II. Unlearn, Relearn

Wharton organizational psychology professor Adam Grant weaves together research and storytelling in his latest bestselling book, Think Again, to help us build the intellectual and emotional muscle we need to stay curious enough about the world to actually change it.

If we incorporate Grant’s advice into our behavior, we will improve our lives and the lives of those around us:

  • Stay Humble
  • Question What You Know
  • Embrace Complexities and Nuances
  • Stay Curious and Test Your Assumptions

“The purpose of learning isn’t to affirm our beliefs; it’s to evolve our beliefs.”

Source: Adam Grant, Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know

III. Like Art, Life is a Canvas

No matter how our canvas looks and feels at this moment, we have the power to lean into that experience with greater faith, grace, and gratitude.

Gentle reminders to focus on what we can control and less on what we cannot:

  • We are free to change and shift. Do it. 
  • Trust is a sacred gift to give ourselves.
  • It's in the shedding that we can find growth.
  • The choice is ours to settle or to start living.
  • There is joy in this moment if we choose to discover and embrace it. 


Your commitment to your wellness is part of the revolution.”

― Danielle LaPorte, The Desire Map Experience

“First, it is an intention. Then a behavior. Then a habit. Then a practice. Then a second nature. Then it is simply who you are.”

— Brendon Burchard, High Performance Habits

“It was when I stopped searching for home within others / and lifted the foundations of home within myself / I found there were no roots more intimate / than those between a mind and body / that have decided to be whole.” 

― Rupi Kaur, Poet, Artist & Performer

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